Bucatarie Roma

Bucatarie Roma

Finisaj standard: Nuc Cristina

Finisaje disponibile: Alb, Cireș, Crem, Donatello, Milano, Nuc Cristina, Prestige.

Finisajele Alb și Crem, datorita costurilor de producție, vin cu un adaos de 10%.

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Un proiect nou de bucătărie , realizat ca să redea o valoare importantă casei, și să transmită o senzație generală de comfort si calitate a vieții , cu un aer luxos. Este o bucătărie cu linii neoclasice in design, unde s-au adaugat
Added: It provides  the general vision of the use of spaces studying their functionality and fruition. It sharpens the ideal connections between their areas of pertinence, within a logic of comfort and quality of living, conjugated to aesthetics and the sense of the scene in  its  entirety. It defines the disposition of the furnishings without however entering in  details regarding materials and colours. It provides  an estimate for costs of realization, in order  to orientate possible corrections and changes tied to a precise budget.
Added: Provides a detailed design including the choice of every single element that will compose the scene: selection of the floorings, finishings of  walls, furnishings, textiles, illumination. It provides a set of „Booklets of Materials ” through which, for every single room, this selection is shown  in a clear and defined vision of style, colours and materials.  A job that is translated into the enclosed definitive budget of the whole realization.